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Sensorysie – English

Great walk! For children, a lot of movement, tasks, curiosities, the opportunity to use all the senses, and adults can also learn many interesting things about Warsaw. I am delighted with the new curiosities about Mokotów, which I have not heard before!Ola, mama 10- letniego Ignasia i 7- letniego Mikołaja

A nice option for city kids. Usually we guard them "don't touch", "don't approach", "don't do", and here it's completely the other way around. Children are supposed to feel, not just see. great concept!Bartek, tata 10- letniej Marysi i 2- letniej Hani

Modern children lack a full range of sensory stimuli, which is why I am glad that such a place as the Sensorysie in Różana has been created. It is a place that cares about the sensorimotor development of children, taking into account not only the amount of stimuli but also their quality.Aleksandra Charęzińska, terapeuta integracji sensorycznej

Sensorysie is a new space for the youngest to stroke, listen and experiment. A place where children, having fun, will develop their senses and receive a large dose of unique stimuli. And all this under the watchful eye of a funny lynx and his other forest friends.Magda, mama Heli, Rysia i Stefanii

It is extremely important that children have the opportunity to experience with all possible senses, and that we adults have the opportunity to observe the child during his experiences - this gives information about areas that need additional support. A great opportunity for this are all sensory activities that provide a huge amount of sensory and motor stimulation and help support the proper development of children.Beata Chrzanowska-Płatek, Dyrektor Przedszkola Happy Kids' Academy


the largest sensory space entirely dedicated to the development of children's senses and cognitive abilities