Glacier is a story about the search for light, which decided to hide somewhere in the middle of our ice labyrinth. We invite children and parents to close their eyes and immerse themselves in a wonderful world inspired by fairy tales.
In addition to the warmly wrapped well-known Lynx, you will have the opportunity to meet his friend Nanulik, who came to Sensorysie from distant ice lands. Children and parents will have the opportunity to look at both light and darkness. The winter edition does not lack new sensory experiences, and the winter scented garden or the ancient song of the Peoples of Light will surely stay in your memory for a long time.
The Sensory Labyrinth is a 45-minute interactive spectacle in the labyrinth space in our Playroom, using elements based on the latest research to support the child’s sensory development. You will find there, among others, a sensory path, balancing platforms, a calming room, a room of fragrances and … a meeting with Lynx! Each of the rooms is a part of the history of the Glacier, through which our guide, a nice eskimo from frosty countries, leads you.
The Sensory Labyrinth is a spectacle and requires a ticket for both the child and the guardian. It is their joint journey not only through recognizing their senses, but also through the entire story of the Glacier. We want it to be an event that will remain in the memory of both the child and the guardian.
Performances take place on Thursdays and Sundays at 6:30PM in groups of up to 16 people. This is an amazing sensory adventure waiting for you in the heart of Old Mokotów.
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