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How can we help you?


The Playroom is open daily from 9:00 to 20:00. Exceptions are some holidays, but we always inform about them on our Facebook and Instagram, as well as on the navy blue bar on the website.

From 1 month to 8 years. This is the suggested age, older children also often come to us and have a great time. It all depends on the nature and interests of the child.

It is possible to buy (on the spot or by e-mail) a gift voucher, which can be given to any person. It can be used for the Playroom, Sensory Labyrinth, workshops and events. It is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

It is also possible to purchase a voucher for our services from partners: Exceptional Gift, Super Gifts, Catalog of Dreams.

Yes, we have a designated area for parents. There you will find comfortable seats, tables and sockets for people who would like to work while the child plays, drink, eat or relax. For a delicious coffee, go to the reception. There are also highchairs at guests’ disposal, where you can feed your baby.

In Sensorysia you will find croissants, pain au chocolat, muffins, healthy bars or soup. In the neighborhood, in the Luka cafe, you can order pizza, ice cream and various sweet and savory snacks.

In each of our bathrooms you will find a changing table and even a basket with necessary utensils, such as diapers or wet wipes for children.

You can enter the Sensorys’ area with your belongings, but we encourage you to put them in a locked cabinet available throughout your stay in the Playroom. Backpacks and bags left on the floor make it difficult for other participants of the Hall to play safely.

Please leave your strollers before entering the hall. It happens that the wheels of the strollers are dirty, and in the space of the Sensorys we move around in socks. The wheelchair is also dangerous – someone can trip over it and fall over. If the gondola is detachable, it can be taken to the Playground – in this case, please leave it in a safe place.

Yes. However, we encourage you to buy tickets on our website, especially on weekends. There are limits on seats in the Playground and in the Sensory Labyrinth, therefore tickets sell out quickly on Saturdays and Sundays. By buying a ticket online, you can be sure that you will enter Sensorysia at your preferred times.

No, tickets available on our website are the same price as tickets sold on site.

Parking near Sensorysia is municipal, you have to pay for it at the parking meter. On weekends, there is a possibility to park 50 m away, next to the Społem building (if there are places available). At the entrance to the car park, a valid ticket to Sensorysia must be presented.

We try to keep the temperature in Sensorysie between 20-22°C at all times.

The quietest time is during the week, between 14-17. Then there are usually no birthday parties and excursions. It is also quite calm in the morning and evening hours on weekends, i.e. between 9-11 and 18-20. However, it is best to call and ask if we expect larger groups on the selected date.

Children must enter the Hall in non-slip socks. If you don’t have your own for a change, you can buy them on site for PLN 15 per pair. Parents should change socks to clean cotton (not pantyhose) before going inside.

Yes, every person staying at the Sensorys attractions should wear clean socks.

Sensory Labyrith

The time to go through the Sensory Labyrinth is about 45 minutes.

The Playroom and the Sensory Labyrinth are two separate spaces. If you want to spend time in the Playground after the Labyrinth, you need to buy a separate Playground ticket.

We planned visits to the Labirynt for individuals from Thursday to Sunday.

To meet the expectations of customers, we try to transfer tickets to another available date. Unfortunately, due to high demand, this is not always possible. For this purpose, contact us by sending an e-mail – . Remember to write to us before the booking date!

Yes. The age groups for the Labyrinth are only the ranges suggested by Us, in which the child will most benefit from the show. However, you should consider whether a younger child will not be frightened by costumed actors, some elements of the decor or sounds.

The division by age results from the differences in the perception of the performance by older children.

The child must stay in the Sensory Maze with a guardian who is responsible for them.

A Playroom

The Playroom is open daily from 9:00 to 20:00.

The playroom is also intended for the youngest. For a child up to 12 months, there is an all-day ticket for PLN 19 from Mon-Thurs, or PLN 29 from Fri-Sun. In addition, the toddler can participate in activities and attractions designed specifically for babies – e.g. in Gordonki or Odczunki. The full offer of workshops is available here: Events – Sensorysie.

There is a different type of ticket for the Sensory Labyrinth. Each person entering the Labyrinth should have a purchased ticket – both a child and an adult.

There is a possibility of a one-time transfer of a purchased ticket to the playground for another day, in the same price range. So if a ticket was purchased for a day between Monday and Thursday, we can transfer it to such days. If the ticket is purchased for Saturday, it can be transferred to one of the days from Friday to Sunday. For this purpose, contact us by sending an e-mail – . Remember to write to us before the booking date!

Yes, provided your child is over 5 years old and we have a free animator available who can safely look after your child. Ask for it at the reception or make an appointment with us in advance!

An additional fee after exceeding the ticket time is PLN 0.70 per minute. Time begins to count on the card after presenting the ticket at the reception. The surcharge applies to each child – the ticket for an adult has no time limit.

Yes, a parent can use our attractions with a child. The only object that the child uses alone are the slides. All information can also be found on the plates at the individual attractions.


The birthday party lasts 2 hours and the birthday room is reserved for you. If you want to extend your birthday by another hour, please notify the reception in advance and check if it is possible. Prolongation of admission is additionally payable.


Kindergarten groups