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At the heart of Sensorysie is a sensory labyrinth, with rooms devoted to successive senses. The scenery and theme of the show have been prepared according to the latest knowledge of sensory development. In the individual rooms, you can discover how sight, hearing, smell, touch, proprioceptive sensitivity, and balance work.

An important element of the labyrinth is the interactive character Lynx, who accompanies children throughout the expedition. The labyrinth is a separate zone and exploring it is done only in the presence of a guide, and the scenery and theme of the performances change periodically. Importantly, the place is not exclusively for children with diagnosed sensory imbalances!

Entrance to the labyrinth takes place at specific times accompanied by a guide. Children can visit the labyrinth only when accompanied by an adult. Each person must have a ticket, and the ticket price is the same for a child and an adult. The tour of the labyrinth is adapted to the age of children: 2-4 years old and 5-8 years old.